Architecture has a New Focus: the People who use it.

The future of architecture is to be human-centric. Design should prioritize the needs and comfort of people, with the aim for buildings to be healthy, safe, sustainable and connected.

Architects design buildings to meet the needs and desires of people, not just for aesthetic purposes. Our goal is to create buildings that are enjoyable. Instead of designing giant concrete boxes, we’re making interesting spaces more inviting. This includes creating spaces that promote a sense of community and encourage social interaction among residents.

Architecture should support changes in behavior that will enhance society and bring connection back to our world. There is a massive amount of changing technology in the world. One reason why we can’t keep up with changing technology and society as a whole, according to experts, is because human thinking evolves slowly. Evolutionary Architecture needs to be fluid: use intuition instead of biased information when making decisions or assumptions about anything new.

As technology becomes more integrated into our lives, Architects have to ensure they design spaces that accommodate these new technologies while not detracting from the connections we need as human beings to the environments that surround us. Integrated technology creates spaces that are more efficient and eco-friendly. Yet as technology becomes more integrated into our lives, architects will have to ensure that the designs of their buildings continue to respond to human needs.

Architects have to design buildings that are responsive to the needs of people. They must prioritize factors like air quality, water purity, and energy efficiency — all while responding to the need for beauty in their designs. The future of architecture is a human-centric approach. The future of architecture is to create a building that human feels comfortable and can enjoy.

Design for people’s physical and mental well-being. Architecture should improve the inhabitant’s quality of life. The design process is more collaborative than ever before, and architects are working closely with artists to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional to deliver the best solutions for their clients.

Architects now have a responsibility to make sure their designs work well for everyone who uses them, including people of all abilities and ages.

I’m an Architect. My favorite thing to do is create stories through architectural design. Founder of Whitewash Studio architecture firm in Atlanta, GA.