Mandalorian Missing Grogu — Short Film Project — Part 1

I have always been enamored with film and animation. I’ve never really been that good at creating it myself, but I always had a passion for it. For many years I’ve been telling myself that I’m going to create a short film. The time for putting it off has passed. The time to make it happen is now.

I’ve had several ideas in the past but I never really got around to making them anything more than just an idea. I want to put an end to that now. I have an idea that I believe I can stick with and see-through. It’s going to be a short fan film with a small twist at the end. Will most likely be 1 to 2 minutes long. So nothing major but if you have ever tried to make a short you know this can be a tremendous amount of work. Especially with multiple characters.

Now that I feel I have built up my knowledge of animation and character building, I think I’m ready to make something.

My First Short Film — Mandalorian Missing Grogu.

I’m writing this to introduce you to the idea and will start to track the progress on this project and hopefully many more. This is the beginning. I’ll talk about what’s going on with the project and share my outline for the project.

Idea generation: Write the script. (refining this)

Character building: I have the three characters built for this project. There needs to be some testing on the best approach for animation and getting them into Unreal Engine. Not sure if I will be using UE4 or UE5. I’m thinking about going with the latest just to see how many issues I come across.

Worldbuilding: Create the location for the required scenes. (I want to keep this as light as possible, and will most likely be in one location)

Sequencer: Bringing all the animations and audio together to create the film. I will be trying to exclusively use real-time rendering to get the job done quickly.

Here we go!!

I hope you enjoyed this read. I’m always glad to hear feedback :-)

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