Mandalorian Missing Grogu — Short Film Project — Part 2

Obviously, I’m no expert on creating scripts or storyboards. I choose to try my hand at an approach that just kinda came to me after researching storyboards. What if I used an animator app to sketch my ideas and possible camera movements and character animation?

I chose to use Rough Animator. You can find it on the app store. In this app, you can create various layers and sketch out a sequence of frames into that sequence. Much like a flipbook.

I used the app and layers to set up my shots then roughed out the action. Very rough as you can see. Basically setting the mood that the scene will take place in a forest. There will be a campfire and someone will approach the main character. In my case, it’s the Mandalorian.

This sequence gets exported out as a video. I exported the video and used this as a reference for the storyboard of the short film.

From this, I have my main storyline. A depressed Mandalorian sits staring into a fire alone in the woods. He’s approached and startled. His approacher speaks and tells Mando there is hope. She has brought him a present to get over his pain. She then presents the gift. The end.

I know it’s not the best script but it’s a start. Remember this is my first short film. I gotta keep it simple. After roughing out this idea I started to work on the characters.

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Marc Sawyer

I’m an Architect. My favorite thing to do is create stories through architectural design. Founder of Whitewash Studio architecture firm in Atlanta, GA.