Mandalorian Missing Grogu — Short Film Project — Part 3

I don’t have the luxury of actually filming a movie with real people. I just don’t have the time to get out and do it for one. Finding people willing to do it with me is a whole other issue. So creating this short as an animated film is the most logical thing to do. Plus it’s what I enjoy trying to create.

I needed characters. In my script, I had originally created 3 characters. Since I created that I decided to pair down the characters to 2. The Mandalorian and his friend.

My go-to for character creation is nonetheless Reallusions Character Creator 3. This software is amazing. You can create realistic human digital characters very easily. And they have a plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that makes the transition of the characters really easy.

This leads me to Unreal. I wanted to try to make this in UE5 beta. The new release with lumen lighting etc… but due to the fact that the CC3 and iClone Livelink plugins are not yet set up for UE5, I decided to stick to 4 and just do the best I could. I can’t overthink this and make it exceptionally hard on myself.

Just get it done… I’ve hit roadblocks before and given up. Not this time. Even if it’s terrible (which it very well might be), I am moving forward to finish this.

I created the Mandalorian. Used the Armor from SketchSupreme’s Sketchfab Post.

Then created Cara Dune. (Remember this is set after their prime)

Hey there, Mandoooo

Now that we have the characters, it’s time to start looking into world-building. I went into Unreal Engine 4 for this.

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