Mandalorian Missing Grogu — Short Film Project — Part 4

Time to get into the forest creation. Previously in the storyboarding process, I created the idea that this would all take place inside a forest clearing. I needed a super quick way to build out the world with some depth but really just focus on the clearing itself.

I chose to use a pack. I used the Moorlands pack from Joe Garth. He creates great out-of-the-box solutions to creating massive worlds in Unreal Engine.

Moorlands Pack in Unreal Engine Marketplace

I just had to lower the lighting levels, adjust the landscape a bit and add some large trees around the scene. This is what the scene looked like in the end with the use of a firepit from Megascans library.

I had a lot of issues with the trees, the lighting, and the firepit. I was supposed to have a fire but all I could get to show up was smoke. Kind of disappointed but had to move forward. I need some better trees. The leaves kept disappearing so they all looked dead. I guess it worked out but if I had to have leaves I would have been in trouble. Almost feel like it was some weird cull issue. They would show until I got a certain number in the frame then they would vanish.

The next thing I needed to do and the last step was to animate the characters. For this, I went back to Reallusion and started up iClone7.

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